Introduction and History

Population growth, particularly in the years after the Islamic Revolution in Iran, led to an increase in consumption of agricultural products which in turn caused a great deal of demand for chemical fertilizers.

Thanks to abundant sources of gas and many expert and professional forces, petrochemical industry has experienced a significant growth and Kermanshah Petrochemical Industries Company intends to develop this field of industry in Iran more than ever.

Kermanshah Ammonia and Urea manufacturing complex has been founded in the west of Iran to provide chemical fertilizers demanded by Kermanshah province and neighboring provinces. Establishment of this project, in addition to supplying chemical fertilizers, has played an important role in promoting employment in the region, developing technical capabilities of the province and improving the knowledge of experts.

After the imposed war, investigating the effects of war on the economy of the region, some members of Kermanshah chamber of commerce considered different ways to improve the economical situation of the province and the necessity of founding manufacturing companies for developing economical activities was set on the agenda.

According to the demand from Kermanshah and neighboring provinces for chemical fertilizers, establishment of a chemical fertilizer plant was approved and Kermanshah Petrochemical Industries Company (KPIC) was registered in 1375.

In 1379, subscription was widely done by KPIC. Afterwards, the board of managers investigated a consortium with the government, and due to the importance of establishing petrochemical industry in the west of the country, National Petrochemical Company (NPC), with authorization of the government, accepted participating in the ammonia and urea project.

Enthusiasm of people of Kermanshah in the project, considering the low level of income in the city while buying shares of the company, indicated their interest in the development of industry in Kermanshah and their appreciation of the efforts of the people who had endeavored for the establishment of a petrochemical company in the city.

Executive activities of the project were started after subscription, when financial sources were supplied.

National Petrochemical Company was responsible for execution of the project until commissioning and operation and intending to have an active role, bought 38.5% of the shares of the company.